Presentation of the file (H)auville
put on-line on HEREDIS ONLINE

This file, which is made available only for the members of the association “Genealogy Family Hauville” is the fruit of a lot of search years hold concurrently by several genealogists of the association, before and after its creation in 2007.

This worldwide file includes all the trees containing people whom family name is Hauville, its derivates and its allies.

So all the individual following trees are parts of it:

Currently known and present in this file information is:

To respect the law, all of this information is available for the people born before January 1, 1915.

Therefore all of this information bound to the people born from January 1, 1915 is not mentioned.

Besides it is asked to the members to comply with the article 5 – paragraph 2 of our status: “The members commit to the privacy regarding these contents, to not spread them, to not reproduce them neither to exploit them otherwise than in a personal or a family framework”.

And now, become member and enjoy these researches!