The Genealogy association Hauville family

The purpose of the association is:

- to gather and put in contact every carrier person of the patronymic Hauville or related in a family Hauville in the world or which is interested in one of these families;
- The organization and the realization of genealogical searches concerning the descent and the ancestry of carrier persons of the patronymic Hauville and their allies;
- To favor the promotion, the development and the distribution of the history, the genealogy or any other subject touching families Hauville and been similar in the world;
- to encourage every person having genealogical data on families Hauville and been similar to pour them into the common genealogical base of data of Hauville and to communicate to the association any documents, photos or paper of archives susceptible to make better known the history, past or present, families Hauville and been similar in the world;
- To realize any related activity among which the paleography, the heraldry, the sigillographie, the onomastics, the demography, the local and regional history.

Association de la Loi du 1er juillet 1901.
Déclaration à la sous-préfecture de Rambouillet le 5 janvier 2007.
J.O. du 20 janvier 2007 - Page 313 - N° 1300. N° de Récépissé : 77641.
N° Siret : 494 269 202 00011.
Siège social : 21 Allée des Tilleuls 78310 MAUREPAS.

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