The patronymic " HAUVILLE " is present on numerous continents either under its initial shape, or under approached forms.

Début de l'arbre de Philippe Hauville, né en 1642

The Association " Généalogie Famille Hauville " wishes to become the meeting place of all the "HAUVILLE" and the descendants of "HAUVILLE" who want:

  • Participate in the searches for new cousins to complete the family tree of the "HAUVILLE" (the oldest grandfather was born in the year 1642, 13 generations and more than 1 200 names make compose this tree)
  • Share festive moments with cousins of the whole world during cousinades biennial.
We thus issue an appeal to all the descendants of "HAUVILLE" to join our community which does not stop getting bigger.

This new site is the link between the members of the association and between all those who come down from a "HAUVILLE".

Happy birthday:

in october à :
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News june 2016

Dear Cousin,

You are welcome at the 8th meeting of the HAUVILLE family which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016, at Hauville (Eure, 120 kms west of Paris).

Enclosed :

Come and share a unique moment with your cousins, discover your genealogy and those of your distant cousins

As from Saturday evening, we propose :

  • shared meal
  • a dance floor
  • and games for all ages.

Please send us your cousinade registration form and your Association GFH subscription form as soon as possible.

With our best regards.

Evelyne et André-Marie HAUVILLE +33 6 68 04 14 48
Marie-Laure HAUVILLE +33 6 62 67 63 45

André-Marie H.